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One of my all-time favorite singers is Marvin Gaye.
I had thai food for dinner and don’t understand why people enjoy the rain.
I know how to juggle (I taught myself!) and I’m also slightly afraid of cats.
I have kayaked on the Hudson River and highly recommend it.
I’ve never broken a bone, but I’ve had to get stitches.
I like the smell of low-tide, but not chamomile tea.
My favorite activity is laughing, I try to schedule it as often as I can.
I believe in karma once in a while.
My favorite board games include clue and checkers (scrabble is not my thing).
I like alliterations and therefore would put Well-Woman as right up my ally…


2 thoughts on “Helene

  1. your laugh is contagious, I have never broken a bone either but did have to get stitches on my head lol and I don’t understand either why people enjoy the rain :s

  2. Wait, update: I broke my foot 😦

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