Get to know the peer eds: Madison!


Name / year / major: Madison / Sophomore / Political Science and Human Rights
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Share your favorite WW office resource: The button maker! I have a massive button collection and I love being able to make my own buttons that include messages on my favorite wellness topics!
Share your fave WW program or event: My favorite event that I worked on this year was Pornucopia, which focused on self-pleasure, safe sex, ethical porn consumption, and learning about your body. I loved having open conversations with students about sexuality and answering their amazing question! I hope to repeat this event next year, and raffle off some more sex toys 🙂
What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?: That we take a really multi-dimensional approach to wellness- it’s not all nutrition promotion and STI prevention (although I do love talking contraception during my office hours). We also do things like help students work through conflicts with roommates, family members, and professors that may be negatively impacting their well-being. I also wish students knew that there is no issue too “small” or minor to bring to office hours- if something is affecting your wellness in any way, we would love to see you!
Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I love working to create sex-positive programs that educate students on really important and interesting topics typically not included in school sex education programs.
Favorite odd thing in the office?: The ovary stuffed animal!

Get to know the peer eds: Cara, Rumana and Allison!


Cara, Rumana and Allison tabling at YesFest!

Name / year / major:
Ok so we’re nostalgic seniors, who decided to do this together because we love each other.
1. Rumana, Senior, Urban Studies (sociology)
2. Allison, Senior, Psych & dance minor
3. Cara, Senior, Gender Studies & Race and Ethnicity
What is home for you? 
Rumana: Home for me is where my loved ones are (aww)
Allison: Pittsburgh, I’m a yinzer
Cara: San Diego, CA but also Washington Heights next year (with Allison)!
Share your favorite WW office resource:
Allison: The Peer Eds! (That made Rumana say aww).
Cara: Ditto. My peers are the coolest, and are so incredibly knowledgeable
Rumana: The chocolate and yoga balls
Share your fave WW program or event
Rumana: I like office hours because I get the opportunity to meet some really cool Barnard students and just provide space to talk.
Cara: Ditto! I think peer education is crucial for all of us and Well Woman provides the warm physical space for us to do that. Also yoga ball dancing.
Allison: I like decorating cupcakes during finals! The brand of cupcakes we get is dope.
What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?
Cara: It is for EVERYONE!
Allison: That you can use the books in the library!
Rumana: There’s not requirement to be in the space. Doesn’t matter who you are, or what group you’re in, you can come in.
What are you really passionate / excited about right now?
Rumana: Cooking. Specifically Ethiopian food.
Allison: Our new peer ed apartment full of wellness. Because our apartment is going to be filled with a lot of self care.
Cara: Well i’ve been hype about Chance the Rapper’s album Coloring Book all year, but i’m also weirdly really enjoying working on my thesis? It’s the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but come talk to me about dialogue as means of conflict resolution (oh wow I am a nerd)
Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed
Allison: I enjoy meeting all the cool people that come into the office
Rumana: I really enjoy listening to people, having an environment where being listened to is the priority.
Cara: I really enjoy getting more and more comfortable with questions / learning how to find out information that I don’t already know about wellness in general, but specifically reproductive health stuff.
What is your favorite way to practice self care (in general, or right now)?
Rumana: Going on walks in the park
Cara: Well on account of the whole graduating thing, I’m having lots of feelings. So right now just spending down time with people I love is feeling really good.
Allison: It varies, but generally self care involves my friends or family.
Favorite odd thing in the office?
Rumana: The bouncy balls. They’re not odd, but I love the yoga balls. Also the cats. Also the little boobies, wait they’re not boobies. The uterus and the mamory glands.
Cara: Well the books aren’t odd but I love them, also the yoga balls, also the cats scare me but are somehow also fascinating ?!
Allison: Those freaking cats!! For context, the cats in the dresses…

Get to know the peer eds: Megnot!


Name / Year / Major: Megnot Mulugeta / 2019 / Sociology and Africana Studies

Home is Nashville, TN and wherever else my heart is!!

fave WW office resource: tie between the free pads, the books, and office hours
one thing you wish students knew about WW space?: it’s a great place to just hang out in between classes! especially if you don’t live in the quad

favorite way to practice self care right now: cleaning my room and listening to Buzzfeed’s “Another Round” which is my favorite podcast (pls check it out it’s so funny)
share something you enjoy about being a peer ed: holding office hours!! i love being able to meet different people around campus and creating a chill, relaxing atmosphere for students

something you’re passionate/excited about:  bioethics lol i’ve been really into reading articles about the future of genetics and the implications of creating primitive human hearts, brains, etc. Also neanderthals because there’s been some recent discoveries about the more intimate details of relationships between early humans and neanderthals (spoiler alert: kissing was involved) and how some neanderthals would treat certain ailments by consuming plants and bark that contain chemicals we currently use in antibiotics and aspirin! very cool

Get to know the peer eds: Sammy!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to our awesome student peer educators, starting with Sammy Step:


Name / Year / Major: Sammy Step/ ’18/ Psychology and Art History Minor

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite WW Resource: My favorite WW resource is actually Office Hours. I think it’s wonderful that almost any day, students can come in to the office to just hang out and eat chocolate, or to have a conversation, or receive advice or support from a peer-ed, another member of their community.

Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed: The community!! All the peer-eds are so kind and interesting in different ways, and I feel incredibly lucky to get to interact with such amazing, giving individuals. I get to learn so much from everyone I work with. I also love having the opportunity to meet and share conversations with students who go here that I wouldn’t meet otherwise. WW feels like a very open space for people, and I enjoy getting to be involved in that.

What is your favorite way to practice self care? I love to cook for self care! Cooking for me feels both very methodical and creative in a way which centers me and calms me down. I can also do it alone or with friends, and at the end I (hopefully) have something really delicious that I can feel proud of and enjoy.

What are you really excited about right now? Right now, I’m excited about birds! I recently learned about complex speech patterns between birds, and I also learned that birds have much denser brains than we generally think. In other words, birds maybe have a more complex consciousness than we (or at least I) thought! Birds are beautiful and have so many different colors and they can fly! Also, separately from my interest, my suite mate hung a poster of birds in our kitchen that reads “give wing to your wild side” so I’m embracing that as my new motto.

tuesday treats

Whether you love or loathe (or couldn’t care less about) Valentines Day,  it can offer a great excuse to celebrate the relationship you have with your self. So this week, be your own Valentine (or, if you’d rather keep hearts and glitter out of it altogether…be your own generally awesome person). At our meeting last night the peer eds put together a list of some of their current favorite ways to treat themselves. We hope our  list will inspire you to take a little extra time for yourself today, or any day.

And! If you’re looking for something fun and festive to do tonight, stop by 119 Reid from 7:30-9pm for our Radical Love Zine Party, hosted by Barnard Student Life, Well-Woman, and Zine Club as a part of Love & Liberation Week at Barnard!

current favorite ways to treat ourselves:

  • face masks (find lots of great diy recipes here)
  • make super easy and super delicious chocolate covered potato chips
  • plan a wholesome movie night–Independence Day is a recent fave for two of our peer eds
  • take yourself out for a walk
  • curate a playlist for yourself
  • re-watch favorite episodes of your favorite shows (or just find a supercut of favorite scenes!)
  • make a baked good for a friend and eat it together
  • come to Well-Woman and make a button!
  • listen to sets from John Mulaney (or any other favorite comedian)
  • try out a new netflix show–One Day at a Time is very popular in our office right now!
  • take yourself out for dessert


Get to know the peer eds: Sophie!


Name / Year / Major: Sophie, class of 2017, economics and mathematics

Where I’m From: I’m from a small town in West Virginia, but I’m currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland on a semester abroad!

Favorite Program: My favorite WW event was pumpkin carving! Halloween is my favorite holiday and it’s so awesome to have the opportunity to carve pumpkins at college while chilling with the other peer eds and Barnard students.

Something I enjoy about being a peer ed: I love the community. It was amazing to instantly have 20 friends who are so knowledgeable and aware and completely nonjudgmental! I have loved learning from them and with them and I miss them all dearly!

Favorite WW office resource: The space overall is so so great. The purple walls, the vagina paraphernalia, the tea, the tampons and condoms, the chapstick! I can’t pick my favorite!

Favorite way of practicing self-care: Two favorites: I love to go for runs. Running is very much a part of who I am and I find that it’s the best way for me to think things through and sweat out my toxins. My other favorite thing to do is cook myself a yummy healthy meal. This makes me sound like a super healthy person, but I’m not most of the time! I have just found that pretending to be healthy for a little bit gives me energy and motivation when I’m feeling down.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.

Get to know the peer eds: Chantal!


Name / Year / Major: Chantal Mota / 2017 / English

Where you’re from: I was born and raised in the upper west side of manhattan, new york.

I love reading the WW blog, but my favorite program so far was actually pumpkin carving a little while back… I was surprised with the variety of expression.  The images were images of self empowerment or friendship or family –not your average jack-o-lanterns. It was cool how the office was able to make a simple craft into a self care exercise and something so impactful and meaningful.  I also have to say I enjoyed the most recent craft event that I hosted.  We were just decorating stones, but there was such a strong sense of community and friendship in the room.

That’s what I enjoy most about being a peer-ed.  All the loooveee. All the self love, all the community love, all the love so many of us want to share with whomever walks in. But, also the appreciation for acknowledging that loving our bodies and our minds, and –in addition– our community’s bodies and minds, is complicated and not always easy.

Favorite WW resource, of course, is our library.

My favorite forms of self care are always related to music –listening to it, singing it, playing it, dancing to it, etc…

❤ be well.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.