Thanksgiving & Political Conversation with Family

Thanksgiving can be a restful break full of good food and loved ones. It can also be a stressful event full of head-butting with distant family members. In honor of this coming holiday… here are some tips for dealing with political conversation at the table on Turkey Day:

  1. Remember, you do not have to argue with anyone if you don’t want to! But if you do, take lots of deep breaths, be patient, and pick your battles wisely. Be careful not to drain yourself.
    If the conversation feels productive, that is wonderful and often you can learn something too!

  2. If continuing feels stressful, feel free to disengage. Convincing your uncle Rudy on one issue or another will most likely not change the political landscape of America. Change the topic to the weather or pop culture or the sweet potato pie (see recipe below) and return to easy breezing. Or, impress the table with the etymology of the word turkey:

    Or this fun turkey fact:
    If Ben Franklin had his way, the turkey would be our national bird.

  3. Take a moment to remember it took you time, energy, and other people’s patience and generosity to teach you what you know today. Doing this can give perspective and help as a reminder to be empathetic.

  4. Find something that fills you with warmth and keep it close by. One example: put a great picture as your phone background.  Here are some for your pleasure.

  5. Channel your frustrated energy into making a rad dish! If you’re feeling angry and want to smash some things we recommend this killer mashed potato recipe:
    Or this dope vegan chai sweet potato pie:

  6. If you need to zone out and calm down, find an escape! Go on a walk. Visit a favorite place from your childhood. Watch a movie or TV show you love.
    Watch this incredibly calming live feed video of an aquarium!


Eat well and be well! Happy Thanksgiving!