last post

Hey y’all, So this is my last post.  I’ll probs be commenting on stuff later on down the road, ’cause this blog is on my googlereader, and once a blog is on there, it’s on there, baby.  no, don’t you worry, buttercup, it’s committment for the long run. anyway, wanted to let you know about…

bunny blogosphere

an important part of wellness is watching videos of rabbits who are able to eat at the dinner table like people.

oh, my lord

Ok, so there’s going to be a reality show based on the L word – it’s called the real L-word, obvs – and it’s going to be totally real.  unlike the fake L-word, where all the actresses were white (ok, white + Bette and Kit, but Bette got a lot of white privilege and Kit…

go get ’em!

as Elisa noted in an earlier post, sometimes people and organizations are real fuckers. you may remember the brouhaha around the anti-choice ads in the subway warning people that “abortion changes you,” or the anti-choice billboards in Atlanta that used black children as commercial pawns. . but sometimes, people are great. . AND via.

we all pretend to be above reading summaries,

but they’re crazy helpful.  in fact, i now demand summaries of everything i read: most frequently novels, but also things like hand-written notes from friends and haikus.  in that spirit, here’s a quick summary of the health care bill as it concerns women and women’s health.

Remington Snatch

I very highly doubt that I’ll ever have kids, but if I do end up breeding, mark my words, my first child will be named Remington Snatch.