Mood Music: Ambient Studying

Factoring in class time and other activities that monopolize my hearing, I estimate around 65 percent of my waking life is spent listening to music. For the most part, studying is no exception. Occasionally a paper or a reading will prove too challenging for any extraneous sensory input, in which case I forgo my sincerest vice in favor “”focus””…but this is usually not the case. When searching for music to listen to when studying, I tend towards ambient and house music, pieces whose soundscape is complex but not cluttered, pieces that leave room for thinking. One of my go-to albums is by electronic composer and producer Wolfgang VoigtVoigt released Pop in 2000 under the alias “Gas” and cites the forest near his childhood home in Germany as its influence. He said that Pop was an attempt “to bring the forest to the disco, or vice-versa.” Anyway, it’s one of my favorite albums, and I have listened to it for focus, reflection, and relaxation — a rare combination! Check it out. I hope you enjoy. -igi