Piercings – pleasure&pain&power

When I first came to Barnard, I was very eager to establish my new life on campus by showing my independence externally by exploring new body piercings and contemplating a tattoo. I have learnt so much from friends, siblings and my own reading about the many added benefits that piercings can have, including sexual pleasure! Here are a few bits of information that I have heard/found/experienced about body piercings and pleasure:

Here are a couple interesting articles about body modification and queer, feminist empowerment:

There is so much out there and this is definitely an area I don’t feel super knowledgeable about, but am interested in learning more :).

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(pictures from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/18/women-body-modification-roger-kisby_n_7612532.html)



Maybe the internet can help!

Something my sisters have observed about me is that i am not very good at the internet. By that I mean that beyond gmail, facebook and maybe NPR, i really find myself not knowing where to go for fun/information/goofy videos/ when i go online. I just never really got around to learning how to enjoy surfing the web, cruising tumblr’s or listening to podcasts.

However, after a *semi* recent breakup i decided, hey, people look to the internet for answers, i may as well cast my net wide and see what comes in. Maybe it was because I was feeling a little lost and didn’t know where to turn to, but i began my quest for collecting data on how people deal with breakups to compare with what was doing to cope.

Whenever I was feeling confused/sad/wanting-to-talk-to-that-someone-that-i-can’t-talk-to-anymore, I would write them letters. We had written each other letters during our relationship, so i had memories of using a pen and paper as a mode of communication with them, so it was therapeutic. I could explain myself without getting push-back, and say things that i didn’t have a chance to say in person. 5279656-Collection-of-different-vintage-letters-with-stamps-Stock-Photo

I realized that it would be unhealthy and unproductive for both of us to ever send those letters. But the process of writing them, folding them up, and putting them in an envelope in my desk drawer felt ok. So that was where i started in my internet quest to seek solidarity in heart break!

Did other people write letters that would go nowhere? Is it ok to write letters that will never be sent? The answer is yes people are doing it and yes it is ok! I found a tumblr with this very idea: http://theletterineversent.tumblr.com/

You can submit a digital letter, or just read the letters written by other people that were never meant to be received. I guess the moral of the story is that even though the internet can be isolating, it can also be a great tool to have your feelings/thoughts validated!

As i mentioned at the beginning, i am sort of new to this, so maybe this is restating the obvious. But maybe there is a special tumblr/site/group out there that can support you in your well being in whatever way you need it.

Composting in a Cosmopolitan Environment

It’s easy to think that living green is tough in a place like New York, and of course it can be at times. However! After moving off the meal plan and into a suite with a kitchen, treading lightly on this planet has become a source of happiness and convenience for me. Here is a couple tips about how to compost your organic waste and why that can be useful!

Q: How can I compost?

A: There are a couple ways. If you have access to a refrigerator or freezer, then the cheapest option is just to put your organic waste in a brown paper bag or plastic bag right in the freezer. This prevents any odors and creates a wild veggie ice sculpture! Another option is to purchase a compost container that does not need to be refrigerated. These tend to cost around $10-$15 and can be bought at most hardware type stores. You can also watch the decomposition process occur which is pretty cool.

Q: Where do I dispose of this veggie ice sculpture?

A: We are so lucky because the farmers market that occurs every Thursday and Sunday on 116th and Broadway has a compost collection site! So all you have to do is bring your veggies to the compost tent called Grow NYC (which is the first stand right by the Columbia gates) and dump your green goods into the bins they have there! On Sundays the truck comes and collects the waste at 1:00pm, but Thursday it stays open until 3:00 pm.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: SO MUCH! Firstly, you wont have stinky trash! If you compost and recycle, you actually produce very little general waste, which takes up less space and requires you to remove it less frequently. Also it reduces fruit flies or any other pests that may manage to creep into your space. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your waste is being used for growing more things which is just pretty awesome if you ask me.

More information on why you should compost from Grow NYC here: http://www.grownyc.org/compost

Me when I go to compost: giphy