Introducing the Well Woman Spotify

We hope the start of the new school year has been treating you well! But if you’re looking for some study tunes or dance breaks, our fresh out of the oven well woman spotify will have you kicking your feet. Every few weeks, we’ll have a peer-ed playlist with some of the songs we’ve been listening to. And keep your ears tuned for some blasts from the past (we’ve got a puberty playlist coming your way soon).

Here’s a roundup of some songs we’ve been listening to in September. Comment with your suggestions, and we’ll add ’em.


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is changing the narrative around street harassment

If you’re a woman in New York, chances are you’re cat-called on the regular. And contrary to the harasser’s belief, it’s never flattering. Brooklyn based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is looking to shift the narrative around street harassment with her project Stop Telling Women to Smile.

“I started it because I wanted to talk about my experience with street harassment. It was my way of speaking back to my harassers, who say things to me on the street that are unwelcome. That are unwanted,” she said in a video interview about the project’s mission.


Starting in 2012, Fazlalizadeh began talking with women about their experiences with street harassment and drawing their portraits. Each drawing spotlights a quote that reflects the subject’s story, like “My masculinity is not a threat to yours“or “No me llamo mamacita.”



Fazlalizadeh intentionally pastes the posters in areas where the women live, or where they feel close to street harassment. Through this public art series, Fazlalizadeh hopes to shift the power dynamic, giving women a space to talk back to street harassers on their own terms.

She’s currently taking her project overseas in Paris. To see more of Fazlalizadeh’s dynamic portraits, check out Stop Telling Women to Smile.



It’s midterm season, and it can be easy to let stress get the best of you. But fear no more! Here’s a playlist that might help you with your studies and stress relief simultaneously. Music has always helped me focus and decompress. This semester I’ve started a new routine I like to call the Study/Jam. So far I’ve found that listening to non-lyrical music improves my attention-span while reading/writing/studying. These songs help me visualize the setting of my readings and push me to consider rhythm and sound when writing. After a while, intense study can get to a point where I feel like I’m having a staring contest with my notes. When my body starts to get antsy, I push aside what I’m working on, clear my floor and take some time to jam out. Forcing myself to move in between working clears my head and helps me think more creatively.

This playlist budgets an hour of reading time, but is peppered with songs that make me (and hopefully you, too!) want to DANCE. After about 20 minutes of reading/writing/studying time, there’s roughly 10 minutes to kick your feet, throw your hands in the air, do cartwheels (if your single is larger than a pantry or your roommate is elsewhere), let your body speak while your mind rests!

Good luck with exams, everyone! Remember not to forget about taking time for yourself. I hope this playlist allows you to study more productively with time to jam and decompress in between 🙂