About WW

Well-Woman Health Promotion Program
119 Reid Hall, Barnard College, NYC

WW History

Well-Woman promotes the health and wellness of Barnard students through peer education, educational programming, individual health behavior consultation, campus-wide health campaigns, community outreach and advocacy. We are a resource for students to learn about their physical, sexual, mental, and spiritual health, and we work to support individual self-care and the health of the community. We also educate students about how to find and use health resources at Barnard and beyond.

Well-Woman peer educators are student volunteers who are trained to present workshops and campus events on sexual health, nutrition, fitness, body image, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, stress management, healthy relationships and communication (and more), in residence halls, to clubs and organizations, and to teens in the surrounding community. Peer eds present education sessions to students having their first-ever GYN exam, and are available to answer student questions during evening office hours.

Well-Woman also presents events and workshops for the campus community, and collaborates with other offices and academic departments on campus. Our Well-Woman library is stocked with books, magazines, and handouts on sexuality, meditation, cooking, body image, gender, contraception, stress management, identity and self care, and our office offers a variety of wellness tools (massage chairs, yoga mats, balance balls, an acupressure mat…) to try.

Barnard students are encouraged to stop by our office to talk to a staff member during the day or a peer educator in the evening, to browse our library, ask questions, or just relax and have a cup of tea. We are happy to talk about any topic or problem related to health and wellness.

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