Answering a Question Box Question!


As you may or may not know, Well Woman has an anonymous question box. It lives in the Well Woman office (although you might spot it at some events like the Student Services Fair during NSOP and at the Flu Shot Fair today from 3pm-6pm in the Diana Event Oval where you can get a flu shot without an appointment for free with Aetna or for $20 with other insurance) and you can submit any question any time and a Peer Educator (like myself) will answer it!

And now, our question!

Q: I want to get into sex toys but don’t really know where to start. Please help.

A: Sex toys can be a really fun and exciting way of exploring your sexuality! I think the best way to start is to ask yourself some questions because there is a wide world of sex toys out there and it will help if you can narrow it down a little bit. Are you looking for something internal or external? Do you want to use it by yourself or with someone else? What kind of sensation are you looking for (vibration, different textures, different movement patterns, etc.)?

I think the BabeLand website is a great resource. They have a variety of resources like their How to Choose a Vibrator page where they recommend products based on things you might want like quietness so your roommate won’t hear it, or G-spot stimulation. They have similar pages for how to chose a dildo, or anal toy, as well as care and cleaning of toys, and how to use previously mentioned items. If you’re comfortable, I also recommend just going to one of their stores (there’s one in SoHo on 43 Mercer St) and asking their advice. They are very knowledgeable and it’s great to see the different toys because it can be hard to judge vibration strength or size or texture or sound or any of the other qualities you might want in a sex toy over the internet.

I also understand that BabeLand is expensive, and sex toys are expensive. Autostraddle has a good article on how to decide where you can save and where you shouldn’t (for safety/health reasons).

Whatever you decide is right for you, use lube and have fun!



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