Get to know the peer eds: Amanda, Rania, Simi & Aneliza!

Rania Simi Amanda Anezlia

Name / year / major

  • Rania / ‘18 / Women and Gender’s Studies and Economics
  • Amanda / ‘18 / Africana Studies and Art History
  • Simi / ‘18 / Urban Studies, concentration in Sustainable Development, minor in Race & Ethnic Studies
  • Aneliza / ‘19 / Women and Gender Studies

What is home for you? 

  • Aneliza: A warm hug
  • Amanda: Linda’s Pizza on Tremont Ave
  • Simi: In my room burning sage listening to a seasonal playlist curated by myself
  • Rania: Backyard bbqs in Bay Ridge

Share your favorite WW office resource:

  • Amanda: The library 🙂
  • Simi: The key
  • Aneliza: The space itself
  • Rania: The comfy couches b/c I can nap at any hour of the day!

Share your fave WW program or event:

  • Aneliza: I really liked Amanda’s DIY Deodorant event and my Dia de los Muertos event!
  • Amanda: DIY Deodorant (I miss you Michelle!)
  • Simi:
  • Rania: Pumpkin carving was so much fun!

What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?

  • Simi: It’s open! It’s so accessible and you can come hang out whenever you want to!
  • Amanda: The space can be used by other student organizations for meetings and events!
  • Rania: That we have so many delicious flavors of tea and also dark chocolate which is the best chocolate!
  • Aneliza: That there’s a lot of love to give!

What are you really passionate / excited about right now?

  • Amanda: PRINCE
  • Rania: Skin Care
  • Aneliza: Life.
  • Simi: I’m super excited for Bacchanal!

Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed

  • Simi: The other peer eds
  • Aneliza: The love and support
  • Rania: The feeling of warmth and comfort I get everytime I step into the space!
  • Amanda: Unreasonable amounts of chocolate. Growth. Collective learning. Having access to the space and its resources at all times.

What is your favorite way to practice self care (in general, or right now)?

  • Simi: Listening to podcasts! Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of “Another Round”, “Hidden Brain”, and “Code Switch”, but my all time favorite is “2 Dope Queens”!
  • Amanda: Listening to podcasts too–specifically, “The Friend Zone,” “Inner Hoe Uprising” & “Bodega Boys” (BX STAND UP). Biking. And my ultimate favorite is cleaning while blasting throwbacks//oldies.
  • Rania: I love to cook meals for myself and the people I love!
  • Aneliza: Taking myself and having a meal by myself! On election day I took myself to a steakhouse and got steak, caesar salad, and dessert and thought “Why not?”

Favorite odd thing in the office?

  • Amanda: The fossil of a TV
  • Aneliza: Why doesn’t the ceiling light have a cover? Also, these floodlights, what are they here for? Also, I am my own favorite odd thing.
  • Rania: The little rat doorstop
  • Simi: The relaxation sausage

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