tuesday treats

Whether you love or loathe (or couldn’t care less about) Valentines Day,  it can offer a great excuse to celebrate the relationship you have with your self. So this week, be your own Valentine (or, if you’d rather keep hearts and glitter out of it altogether…be your own generally awesome person). At our meeting last night the peer eds put together a list of some of their current favorite ways to treat themselves. We hope our  list will inspire you to take a little extra time for yourself today, or any day.

And! If you’re looking for something fun and festive to do tonight, stop by 119 Reid from 7:30-9pm for our Radical Love Zine Party, hosted by Barnard Student Life, Well-Woman, and Zine Club as a part of Love & Liberation Week at Barnard!

current favorite ways to treat ourselves:

  • face masks (find lots of great diy recipes here)
  • make super easy and super delicious chocolate covered potato chips
  • plan a wholesome movie night–Independence Day is a recent fave for two of our peer eds
  • take yourself out for a walk
  • curate a playlist for yourself
  • re-watch favorite episodes of your favorite shows (or just find a supercut of favorite scenes!)
  • make a baked good for a friend and eat it together
  • come to Well-Woman and make a button!
  • listen to sets from John Mulaney (or any other favorite comedian)
  • try out a new netflix show–One Day at a Time is very popular in our office right now!
  • take yourself out for dessert