Get to know the peer eds: Chantal!


Name / Year / Major: Chantal Mota / 2017 / English

Where you’re from: I was born and raised in the upper west side of manhattan, new york.

I love reading the WW blog, but my favorite program so far was actually pumpkin carving a little while back… I was surprised with the variety of expression.  The images were images of self empowerment or friendship or family –not your average jack-o-lanterns. It was cool how the office was able to make a simple craft into a self care exercise and something so impactful and meaningful.  I also have to say I enjoyed the most recent craft event that I hosted.  We were just decorating stones, but there was such a strong sense of community and friendship in the room.

That’s what I enjoy most about being a peer-ed.  All the loooveee. All the self love, all the community love, all the love so many of us want to share with whomever walks in. But, also the appreciation for acknowledging that loving our bodies and our minds, and –in addition– our community’s bodies and minds, is complicated and not always easy.

Favorite WW resource, of course, is our library.

My favorite forms of self care are always related to music –listening to it, singing it, playing it, dancing to it, etc…

❤ be well.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.

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