Get to know the peer eds: Issie!


Name / Year / Major: Issie / 2018 / English and Women’s Studies

Where I’m From: Originally London, England but have been living in Philadelphia for the past 7 years.

Favorite Program: Giving the Cuntfidence (now called Let’s Talk About…) presentation was a big honor and a lot of fun! I feel that in talking about broader sexual health topics, often the intricacies of vaginal health are glossed over, so it was cool to have an open discussion with other Barnard students and share knowledge! Plus I got to do it with my good friend and fellow Peer Ed Michelle, which was a blast.

Something I enjoy about being a peer ed: All the people I have met through this program! Whether it’s talking with students during office hours, hanging out with other Peer Eds, or gathering all the Life Advice I can from our director Jessica, all my WW-related interactions have been meaningful. WW fosters an incredible network of support that, even will all the important work that goes on, is not without fun and silliness!

Favorite WW office resource: The library!!!

Favorite way of practicing self-care:  Long walks listening to music (hit me up to share recommendations!) and being with my friends.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.


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