Get to know the peer eds: Kate!


Name: Kate Stephanus

Year: Junior

Major: American Studies with a concentration in Social Inequality and Difference in the 20th Century!

Where you’re from: Born in Sydney, Australia, raised in Los Angeles, CA.

Favorite WW program: Let’s Talk About…

Something I enjoy about being a Peer-Ed: I love being a Peer Ed because I get to meet so many amazing people and connect with them over health issues, common experiences, and all our feelings!

Favorite WW office resources:  I love that the office is open every day to just hang out–I can go in to chat with Jessica, check out the books, get some tea, do some arts and crafts, and a whole bunch of other things. The office itself, then, is my favorite resource, because it’s a space where I can always feel safe, like myself, at home, and welcome.

Favorite way of practicing self care: I really love taking walks as a method of self care. Since I live off campus, I have to walk a little further every day, and those times are always nice for clearing my head and feeling connected to my body. I also love to dance, take baths, sew, listen to music, cuddle with my big doggo Gordon (pictured), and watch surf documentaries.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.




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