Get to know the peer eds: Hannah!


Name: Hannah Boysko

Year: 2016

Major: History and a minor in Education

Where you’re from: I am from Northern Virginia.

Favorite WW workshop: My favorite workshop was a workshop that I did this semester for 620 residents about getting and using Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives or LARCs (like the IUD and the implant) and communicating with your partner(s) about sex-related health concerns, pleasure, and consent. We had a big crowd in the 616 lounge and such a great discussion! It was a blast and a really cool, unique experience for me as a student and educator to have an open dialogue about these things with my classmates.

Something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I love that I can be a resource to my peers, friends, and our larger campus! It’s so thrilling and rewarding to be able to provide people around me with useful and important knowledge when it’s needed and to create spaces, through workshops and office hours, where knowledge is shared on a larger scale and community bonds can be made. Having tools to make Barnard a healthier, happier, kinder campus in the small ways we, as peer eds, can has been such a memorable and meaningful experience.

Favorite office resource: My favorite resources in the office are the warmth and energy that exude from the people and things in it – students coming in and out, peer eds, Jessica (our program director!), the couches, the bouncy balls, the library, the tea, the chocolate, etc. etc. Being in a place where thoughtfully and critically caring for and loving yourself is so highly valued makes for a lot of generative, inspiring, tender, and funny experiences.

Favorite way to practice self care: Currently, my favorite forms of practicing self care are meditating for 20 minutes twice a day (in the morning before breakfast and in the evening after class/around dinner time) and going to my Modern II class with Caitlin Trainor. Making time to be calm and quiet and making time to move (in a truly fun and exhilarating way!) are two things that I feel help me be my happiest and most balanced self.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.


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