Get to know the peer eds: Allison!


Name: Allison Evans

Year: Junior

Major: Dance & Psychology

Hometown: I’m from Pittsburgh, PA but have tons of family from Long Island, NY

Favorite WW workshop: This is going to sound corny but I have loved every single workshop and event I have been involved with so far! From DIY deodorant to condom races at NSOP you really cannot go wrong.

Favorite office resource: My favorite WW office resource and what I love about being a peer ed is really just the office space itself. The environment is so welcoming and is filled with all of the things I love which include but are not limited to: chocolate, tea, comfy couches, massage chairs, great books, craft supplies, and awesome people.

Favorite way of practicing self care: For self care I have no shame and nerd out on books (unrelated to school of course). I recently indulged in kindle unlimited so now I can just veg out in my beanbag chair and read whatever book I want and its awesome.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.


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