Get to know the peer eds: Lily!


Name: Lily

Year: 2016

Major: English (with a concentration in creative writing) and Women’s Studies!

Where you’re from: Weston, Massachusetts

Favorite WW workshop: Cuntfidence! The years I did it we called it that, although this year we called it Let’s Talk About… (right?). I love the event because I especially love talking about contraception, vaginal health, etc. (I feel like I understand science a little bit when I talk about these things??)… and the name used to remind me of what Shane in the L Word calls “bush confidence.”

Something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I love the peer-ed group, and our weekly meetings. Good snacks, good people 🙂 and I love being a resource for my friends. It’s really wonderful when your friends call you and say, “I did x and x, am I protected?” (Recently a friend of mine called me to analyze her phlegm and I felt like: I’m so glad you trust me, but I do not know anything about your phlegm!)

Favorite WW office resource: Probably the massage chair. It’s really a draw. And the different contraceptive models. I like feeling the implant model!

Favorite way of practicing self care: Listening to Drake, really hot showers, eating something sweet every day, reading novels.

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.


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