Get to know the peer eds: Michelle!


Name: Michelle Loo

Year: 2016

Major: Urban Studies and Public Health History

Where you’re from: Philadelphia

Favorite WW workshop/program/event: Most recently, it has to be our new service to IUDoula for students during their IUD insertions!

Something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I love being able to contribute to the ways we understand health and wellness on-campus. The flexible structure and peer education model challenges this notion that health is about doctors telling us what’s up – we, as students and peer educators, are asked for our expertise on our own bodies and wellness!

Favorite WW office resource: Flipping through the books while sitting on a yoga ball during office hours! All About Love by Bell Hooks on the purple bouncy ball to be specific.

Favorite way of practicing self care:
  • Making lists of the people who I care about / who care about me.
  • Making lists of little and big things that made me feel GOOD in the past week.
  • Things are so much more grounding and less overwhelming when I can see that there are tangible things on these lists!!

Part of an ongoing series–see previous entries here.



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