Get to know the peer eds: Sarika!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to our awesome student peer educators, starting with senior Sarika Kumar:

Sarika + our program director Jessica, in matching polka dots.
















Name / year / major /: Sarika Kumar/ 2016/ Urban Studies and Environmental Science

Where you’re from: Syosset, New York

Favorite WW program: Wednesday Craft Nights!

Something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I enjoy being apart of a community that places self-care and love at its forefront. Whether I’m in the office with peer-eds or other students, everyone collectively helps create an energy that channels learning, curiosity, and appreciation.

Favorite WW office resource: The stress sticks and amazing library! Overall, whenever I’m in the office, Well Woman’s calming ambiance just makes my day better.

Favorite way of practicing self care: Releasing emotion and tension through writing and drawing! Daily, I try to stay hydrated and get enough sleep.




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