cold vs flu: a special post from Primary Care

Flu and cold are on the rise in New York and in our community, so we’ve invited Dr. Marjorie Seidenfeld, the Primary Care Health Service’s medical director, to share some info about cold and flu, and how to tell the difference:

Is this a cold or should I be worried about flu?

In winter, viruses flourish, especially those that cause both the common cold and the flu (Influenza virus). We often intermix the terms, but it actually is important to distinguish between the two, because the severity, the treatment options, and the potential complications are actually quite different.

Here are the basics on the common cold: Continue Reading


Mood Music: Ambient Studying

Factoring in class time and other activities that monopolize my hearing, I estimate around 65 percent of my waking life is spent listening to music. For the most part, studying is no exception. Occasionally a paper or a reading will prove too challenging for any extraneous sensory input, in which case I forgo my sincerest vice in favor “”focus””…but this is usually not the case. When searching for music to listen to when studying, I tend towards ambient and house music, pieces whose soundscape is complex but not cluttered, pieces that leave room for thinking. One of my go-to albums is by electronic composer and producer Wolfgang VoigtVoigt released Pop in 2000 under the alias “Gas” and cites the forest near his childhood home in Germany as its influence. He said that Pop was an attempt “to bring the forest to the disco, or vice-versa.” Anyway, it’s one of my favorite albums, and I have listened to it for focus, reflection, and relaxation — a rare combination! Check it out. I hope you enjoy. -igi

Maybe the internet can help!

Something my sisters have observed about me is that i am not very good at the internet. By that I mean that beyond gmail, facebook and maybe NPR, i really find myself not knowing where to go for fun/information/goofy videos/ when i go online. I just never really got around to learning how to enjoy surfing the web, cruising tumblr’s or listening to podcasts.

However, after a *semi* recent breakup i decided, hey, people look to the internet for answers, i may as well cast my net wide and see what comes in. Maybe it was because I was feeling a little lost and didn’t know where to turn to, but i began my quest for collecting data on how people deal with breakups to compare with what was doing to cope.

Whenever I was feeling confused/sad/wanting-to-talk-to-that-someone-that-i-can’t-talk-to-anymore, I would write them letters. We had written each other letters during our relationship, so i had memories of using a pen and paper as a mode of communication with them, so it was therapeutic. I could explain myself without getting push-back, and say things that i didn’t have a chance to say in person. 5279656-Collection-of-different-vintage-letters-with-stamps-Stock-Photo

I realized that it would be unhealthy and unproductive for both of us to ever send those letters. But the process of writing them, folding them up, and putting them in an envelope in my desk drawer felt ok. So that was where i started in my internet quest to seek solidarity in heart break!

Did other people write letters that would go nowhere? Is it ok to write letters that will never be sent? The answer is yes people are doing it and yes it is ok! I found a tumblr with this very idea:

You can submit a digital letter, or just read the letters written by other people that were never meant to be received. I guess the moral of the story is that even though the internet can be isolating, it can also be a great tool to have your feelings/thoughts validated!

As i mentioned at the beginning, i am sort of new to this, so maybe this is restating the obvious. But maybe there is a special tumblr/site/group out there that can support you in your well being in whatever way you need it.

DIY Body Care



Happy lunar new year!!

About a year ago, I began changing my daily body care routine. There were several reasons – minimize the amount of unknown ingredients I use on my body, it’s good for the environment, – but mostly, I love DIYs and it’s been a surprisingly smooth sailing process!

Here is a link to one of the things I replaced in my cosmetic bag – homemade deodorant! On this site also is a link to instructions on how to replace shampoo with baking soda (I’ve started doing this and it’s been really great – except my hair gets really static-y? I am still tweaking my routine).

Angry Chicken Homemade Deodorant Recipe