Hymen Mysteries SOLVED

Fun fact: virginity is entirely socially constructed, and there is no physical characteristic that can determine whether or not a female-bodied person has had sex yet, just like nobody can tell if a male-bodied person has!


BUT. You ask, perplexed: what about the hymen??

Confused? Curious? Want to watch a funny video with pep rally analogies? Keep reading.

The world is confused about what virginity is. By that, I mean: most folks believe that virginity is an actual, physical state, and it’s most often believed that it’s physically detectable on female-bodied people. Because when someone female-bodied has penetrative sex, the hymen breaks. Right?



The hymen does not work the way we’ve all been told it does. Instead of flesh covering the vaginal canal, it just surrounds it, so penetrative vaginal sex for the first time isn’t always the blood bath we’ve been told our whole lives it is. Wild, right?! (Also good news, I would think.)

Anyway, the point is that virginity is a myth. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

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