A New Way to Connect with Your Menstrual Cycle

It seems like there’s no end to cool menstrual health products these days — from the DivaCup to those new absorbent underwear (which, by the way, have some pretty awesome new ads), the number of available period-managing options seems to be expanding every time I go on the internet. So, when one of my suite mates came into my room a few weeks ago, claiming she found yet another intriguing new product, I immediately wanted to know more.

As it turns out, technology and menstrual care have fused to create “the world’s first SMART menstrual cup”, the LOONCUP. It looks like it’s still in the planning/developing stages right now, but about 3,500 people have already donated over $150,000 to the cause on Kickstarter.

What do they mean by a “smart” menstrual cup? The LOONCUP is apparently your average menstrual cup, with a twist: it has a built-in sensor and Bluetooth feature (an external antenna) so that it can track your menstrual fluid volume (so you know when the cup is full!) and color (so you can be more aware of another important aspect of your menstrual health!) and so that it can provide a detailed account of your menstruation cycle and let you know around when your next cycle should begin.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — it seems like almost everything these days, from daily food intake to sleep habits and beyond, can be regulated and monitored by gadgets and apps. Also, menstrual cups have changed the way some people think and feel about their period, as well as how they interact with it, because they provide a more tangible representation of the shedding of the uterine lining. So, it seems pretty natural that a collaboration like this might happen.

The LOONCUP feels innovative in a lot of great ways. I like how they’re trying to provide people with a personal and knowledgeable connection to a normal bodily process that is often seen as “gross” or just not talked about. I also like how, at its core, the goal of this project seems to be for people to feel more comfortable with and aware of their own bodies.

That being said, the LOONCUP likely won’t appeal to everyone. Although some people may love the idea of knowing the specifics about their period, that’s not for everyone, and that’s totally okay! There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the basics. Also, it’s totally reasonable to be a little intrigued by/concerned with the idea of having a wireless sensor so close to your body, and such an intimate part at that. I’d like to know a bit more about that feature myself before trying it out! Like any menstrual care product, the LOONCUP has its ups and downs, and it’s important to understand how it works and whether it’s the right choice for you. If you’d like to know more, they have a ton of information about how it works HERE.

What are your initial thoughts about the LOONCUP? Is it cool, or a little bit too much?


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