Some Jams for October

Hey yall!

I hope your Octobers are full of pumpkins. Unfortunately, mine is also full of midterms! I remembered recently how much music helps, especially some good R&B. (Interestingly enough, a lovely student came around in Joe recently asking people if R&B helps them study, so apparently this is a common refrain!)

My friends and I spent a little while pulling some of our well- and woman-adjacent favorite tracks, some old but more new, while trying to enjoy some of the last sun today. Enjoy the crisp beautiful air while it lasts!

A quick warning: be aware, there’s some less-than-kind language in a couple of these tracks. Take care of yourselves.

While we’re at it, two fun surprises that might make your day:

  1. Did you know that Babeland offers a 10% student discount? If you’ve ever been curious about the wide world of sex toys (or if you’ve been paying full price!), this is for you!
  2. Did you know that Barnard student health is now inserting IUDs right here on campus, and that they’re free with Aetna Student Health? If you don’t know what an IUD is or you want to know more, here are two great resources that can really help–and of course the well-woman office is always a great resource for info as well!
    1. Some IUD facts from Planned Parenthood
    2. Autostraddle’s Big Queer Guide to IUDs!

Best wishes for pie and joy in October!



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