A New Way to Connect with Your Menstrual Cycle

It seems like there’s no end to cool menstrual health products these days — from the DivaCup to those new absorbent underwear (which, by the way, have some pretty awesome new ads), the number of available period-managing options seems to be expanding every time I go on the internet. So, when one of my suite…


It’s midterm season, and it can be easy to let stress get the best of you. But fear no more! Here’s a playlist that might help you with your studies and stress relief simultaneously. Music has always helped me focus and decompress. This semester I’ve started a new routine I like to call the Study/Jam….

Mental Health Awareness Week: TREAT YO’SELF

Guess what? It’s Mental Health Awareness Week! (wooo!) And in case you didn’t know, wellness is an integral part of taking care of yourself and feeling grounded, especially when dealing with a mental health issue. Well Woman is here to remind you:

Some Jams for October

Hey yall! I hope your Octobers are full of pumpkins. Unfortunately, mine is also full of midterms! I remembered recently how much music helps, especially some good R&B. (Interestingly enough, a lovely student came around in Joe recently asking people if R&B helps them study, so apparently this is a common refrain!) My friends and…