Yet Another Fat Fashion Post!


Sorry, y’all are probably getting annoyed of my obsession with fat fashion, but there’s a super cool event that I wanted to let everyone know about–The Big Fat Flea! It’s essentially a one-day flea market with all kinds of used clothes donations, sizes large to 6X, with nothing over $10. Great, right?! What’s even greater is that it’s completely gender inclusive–using their words, it’s an “all-genders fatshion rummage sale in NYC for fat folks who like a bargain”.

And–it gets better–all proceeds from clothing sales go to NOLOSE, a nonprofit whose statement I’ll post here because it’s pretty freakin cool: 

NOLOSE* is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture. In the activist and empowerment work that we do, we envision a world:

  • that is accessible to fat people and reflective of us.
  • that is without fat discrimination, hatred or prejudice.
  • where fat people are empowered to create positive change in ourselves and in our communities.
  • where beauty, morality, health, humor and fashion are divorced from size and shape and all bodies are celebrated.
  • where fighting fat phobia is seen as integrally linked to other social justice issues such as the women’s movement, anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggles of people of color at home and around the world, queer and transgender movements, class struggle, disability rights movements and more.
  • where all people have a right to basic human rights as well as joy, sensuality and self-determination.
  • and where the diet industry closes up shop as the world sees their products for the oppressive and ineffective scams they are.


Woohoo! Tickets are $10 for the Big Fat Flea, and you can find more information here:


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  1. Rachel says:

    This seems like such a cool event! Thanks for sharing!!

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