Take yourself/your friend/your partner on a date!

I found this list of 20 dates under $20 (from my favorite fashion blogger, who was also featured in my post about fat fashion–guilty as charged.) While these would all be awesome things to do with a partner, I was thinking some would be great for self care during finals! Go alone, with a friend, with someone you’d like to get to know–just try to enjoy these last few weeks of NYC (if you aren’t in the city for the summer) and good luck with finals!

Some of my favorites, taken from the blog post:

1. East River Ferry to DUMBO
I think the East River Ferry is by far the most underrated (and most pleasant) form of transportation available in NYC – and it’s only $4 per ride. Taking the ferry will get you some of the best views of Lower Manhattan, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge – and once you dock at Fulton Street, you’re in one of the most scenic parts of all 5 Boroughs. For $2 each, you can take a ride on Jane’s Carousel, and follow it up by sharing a giant sundae at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for $8 – all while catching a sunset steps from the waterfront. $20 exactly. Bingo. 

6. Disposable Camera Photo Excursion
$7.99 gets you two single-use cameras, so keep your phone in your pocket and resist the urge to Instagram your day away. Keep one camera for yourself, and pass one to your date, and walk around aimlessly snapping photos of your surroundings and each other. Walgreens offers some of the fastest (and cheapest) photo developing in the city – and at the end of it you have a stack of 54 shots that won’t disappear when your iPhone inevitably breaks and you’ve forgotten to back it up. 

13. Rowing in Central Park 
If you live in NYC, this is something you have to do at least once in your lifetime. Boat rentals are $15 per hour and fit up to 4-people, and the pond is open for rowing from 10AM to 6PM. Central Park might be totally man-made, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t do a near-perfect job designing it.”

Link to article: http://www.nicolettemason.com/2014/05/20-dates-under-20-dollars-in-nyc.html


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