Craft for the crafts, craft for the memories, craft for the mental health benefits!

Many of us here in 119 Reid appreciate the value of a good crafting session, and now (well, a few years ago) the journal of Occupational Therapy International chimed in with their approval! This literature review describes the various activities that have been shown to help promote well-being and counter dementia later in life, and knitting – along with crafting, drawing, meditation and reading – makes the list. According to the article, this may be due to the “flow state” that people sometimes enter while engaging in creative activity, which is a state of “effortless attention” where the individual is intensely focused on the present moment, has an altered experience of time, and finds the activity they are doing intrinsically rewarding. However, some of the biological markers that are claimed to come with the flow state are difficult to measure, so the jury is still out on whether it really is responsible for benefits of creative activity.

Regardless of what you believe is the source of your crafting calm, the you can share your thoughts with the Clandestine Knitting Club (which meets on Wednesdays from 7-8pm in the Well-Woman office)! And if knitting is not your outlet of choice, the office is also well-stocked with origami paper, coloring sheets, markers, crayons, and glitter. Here are some crafts that have been peer-ed tested and approved:

DIY Rice Hand Warmers

Origami Crane-folding

Painter’s Tape Murals

Paper Chains

Good old-fashioned cards!

For non-crafters, there’s always tea, chocolate, the massage chair, and the company of our new books and board games! (We now have Connect Four and Apples to Apples).



One thought on “Craft for the crafts, craft for the memories, craft for the mental health benefits!

  1. The rice hand warmers are super easy to make and really useful. They make great mini-heating pads for cramps of headaches!

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