It’s ok if college isn’t the best time of your life. No, really.

“College will be the best time of your life”, often accompanied by the warning “Being a grown-up is hard” is something I hear over and over from the various adults in my life. It’s true that for many people college is a time of fewer responsibilities and many opportunities.  If you listen to Buzz feed, college mainly consists of drinking and napping.  During midterms and finals (and by midterms I mean most of the semester, because let’s be real) most college students would probably rebel against the notion that college is care-free.

Our experiences in college are hopefully a good balance of hard work and fun times.  But I don’t get annoyed at those well-meaning adults because I think they undervalue the stress finals cause.  I just don’t want college to be the best time of my life.  I would hope that every part of my life is meaningful.  I don’t want to peak at the age of 22.

For me part of wellness means investing in my health.  I like to eat healthy and move my body not only because it helps me feel great now but because it will keep my body in shape for the future.  But part of wellness is also always seeking to enjoy life.  I went to an activist meeting the other week, and I was the youngest one there by a good 5 years.  It was great to see people in their thirties, forties, even seventies and all the ages in between try to untangle themselves from a human knot before sitting down to plan action on something they cared about.  Doing crazy things doesn’t stop when you graduate college.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of these awesome “old” people.


World's Oldest Female Yoga Instructor (83-year-old)

Even in her eighties, Bette Calman is still practicing and teaching yoga.


Machsom Watch  is a group of elderly women activists who hang out at Israeli checkpoints to prevent human rights abuses.  The idea is that a person is less likely to treat someone badly if they feel like their grandmother is watching.


Daphne SelfeIs 80 year old Daphne Selfe the world's oldest supermodel?

Daphne Self is an 80 year old model who still graces fashion shoots.


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