Fit and Feminist

Trigger Warning: Body image issues, eating disorders                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I love to move my body.  Like many people, I’ve often struggled feeling comfortable with my body, and it brings me happiness when I’m able to find a point where I am able to embrace the strengths that my body has and not focus so much on how little it resembles the bodies of women in the media.  I love to practice yoga and work out because it makes me feel strong and happy, not because it makes me look conventionally beautiful.

This is why I feel so uncomfortable when I come across those “thinspiration” photos on the internet. It’s an extreme version of the “No pain, no gain” that many gyms seem to thrive on.  As someone who has struggled a lot with body image issues, it scares me how they glorify starving your body and conforming to a societal idea.

Yet I also feel alienated by a lot of rebuttals to “thinspiration” like the nutella memes:

Memes like this just make being skinny and enjoying food seem mutually exclusive, which isn’t the case at all.  Shaming people because their bodies are conventionally beautiful is still problematic.

And while I appreciate posts like these:

415aba82b9d499115e634a0de688240eWhile I’m happy that Kat Dennings is proud of her body, anorexia isn’t something you “try” out for an afternoon.  It is a very real mental health issue that has as much to do with control as it does with food.  Framing any mental health issue as a choice only contributes to stigmatizing treatment.  Anorexia isn’t a diet plan.  It’s a controlling force that slowly controls your whole life.

Which is all to say I was so happy when I found Fit and Feminist.  I finally found a site that approached fitness as way to be healthy, and didn’t shame anyone.  It wasn’t about pushing yourself, it was about enjoying yourself.  They even have a whole series of memes that address those thinspiration photos like this:


Do you also often have trouble finding fitness places that are body positive?  How do you deal with it?


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