It’s 2014!?

I hope that everyone is having an easy transition back into the swing of school and all.
With the new semester beginning and everyone coming back to campus, or starting new adventures elsewhere in the world, I have been thinking about new year’s resolution.
Now, I have to state off the bat that I am not a resolution keeper. I have fallen back into old habits far quicker than I ever hold on to a resolution.
This year, instead of thinking about any sort of resolution while I was back home, bumming around with a lot of time and no stress yet, I decided to address any “resolution” when I do not have hours to spare. Now that a week of school has passed, I can see that any resolution I will approach will have to be small enough where it won’t feel impossible, yet big enough where I will actually stick to my decision to go through.
Over the weekend, I decided to make a small (to make it less daunting) list of things I want to improve. On this small list I put some things that I know will be far easier than others… like “prepare bag the night before, not in the morning.” Things that I know I can accomplish, simply to have one more check mark off my list.
I know resolutions are not for everyone, and certainly are not needed when they cause more pain than gain. However, if you were considering modifying, continuing, or starting a resolution of some sort, maybe this method will be helpful for you!
Hope all is well,


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