Vegan Restaurant Review: Candle 79

            I know most of us rarely make the trek to the upper east side, but let me tell you, Candle 79 makes it worth the trip. My dad and I were at the Guggenheim so I decided to look up vegan restaurants in the area and found this one, located on 79th street and Lexington. Candle 79 has the best vegan food I have ever tasted! And trust me, I’ve had a lot of great vegan food. While it is not inexpensive, so definitely for special occasions (rated $$ in terms of expensiveness on Yelp), to me it signifies an exciting cultural integration of vegan food. I think that the fact that vegan food is officially entering the mainstream and the surge of vegan restaurants, along with the public endorsement of vegan eating by leaders like Bill Clinton (for health reasons) and Bill Gates (for sustainability) demonstrates a movement towards more thoughtful eating. I want to recognize that a vegan diet definitely doesn’t work for everyone, and we can all eat more thoughtfully in many other ways (local, organic, unprocessed etc.). In NYC, my experience has been that a lot of vegan restaurants are in a similar price range to non-vegan food, making it more accessible to everyone. While I agree that veganism has definitely been a trendy fad for some people, I think it will stay around because of the importance of the ethical and environmental implications of what we choose to eat.



One thought on “Vegan Restaurant Review: Candle 79

  1. If anybody is looking for some vegan eats a little closer to campus – check out candle cafe on broadway between 89th and 90th!

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