hey! how great is this beautiful new layout?? i’d like to welcome the new colors and pictures and informations with a little promotional post about an upcoming event that ALL WELLNESS LOVERS or wellness practicers or strive-for-ers or activists or barnard community members should be PSYCHED for.

*trigger warning, at the event i’m posting about we’ll be talking about rates of sexual assault and gender based violence at the event* furman counselors will be on call*

on THIS monday, november 11th, from 6-8pm in the diana event oval, sga and amy zavadil, our associate dean for equity are hosting a town hall on campus climate at barnard. at this month’s town hall, we will hear a presentation on the findings from last year’s campus climate survey, learn about available resources, and discuss what more we can do from here to make Barnard into the community we want and need it to be.

there will be POUNDS and POUNDS of hummus for your dining pleasure.

so, if you’ve heard a lot about “campus climate” but concerned it’s an empty buzzword

are concerned about the rates of sexual and gender-based violence on our campus, 

are desperate to know the results of the survey you filled out last March,

and have something to say about YOUR lived experience at Barnard,

come learn, discuss, grow, change, and mold your campus community with us this monday.

tell your roomies, suities, friends, your moms, everyone you know: come if you can and are willing. also if you can’t be there [for whatever reason…too triggering, you have class, your dads in town etc] but would like to have something known, feel free to email me, leave me an anonymous note in the well-woman office, write me a letter. etc. with what you’d like to contribute or something you would like sga and amy to be aware of. 

visit the facebook event for more info, 



in love and wellness solidarity,



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