Hallo-Well: Responsible Costuming

In my view, being well means not only taking care of and respecting yourself, but also means acting in ways that help make everyone else in our community feel safe and respected. That’s why I wanted to post a quick reminder this Halloween: racist costumes are just not okay, ever. If you think your costume may be offensive, just don’t do it.

I’m sure for most people reading the blog, this was already super obvious. Unfortunately, you might run into (on Facebook or elsewhere) people who forgot this important Halloween tip and who might be confused about why wearing Black-face is always awful or why dressing up as a stereotype doesn’t actually “honor other cultures.” There are a bunch of great resources you can read to educate yourself or share to educate friends, such as this round-up of links about working toward an anti-racist Halloween. Another link that comes from Adrienne K. at the blog Native Appropriations does an excellent job breaking down just how and why dressing up as a Native American for Halloween is so offensive, including an explanation of how these kind of costumes reinforce systems of oppression that are still very real and very destructive.

Respect our community this Halloween by not wearing these kinds of costumes and by holding your friends and family accountable if you see them wearing something offensive. All that said, I hope you have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!


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