cold weather & creamy tomato soup

this is the first week that it’s really been cold! finally, six days short of november, wool coats and hats no longer feel like wishful thinking. i couldn’t be more excited — so i celebrated by engaging in one of my traditional autumn activities: despite my fervent bundling up and hand-washing, i got a cold.

when i am sick, there are very few things i want to do except lay in bed with a book of poems and eat soup. the last thing i want to do is leave my house. this means that in order to make soup, i’ve got to make do with what i already have stockpiled in my pantry (aka three rubbermaid containers stacked on top of each other).

…which is how this soup came to be. i didn’t have any canned tomatoes lying around, but i did have some tomato paste and some milk and an onion. and then, fifteen minutes later, i had dinner.


eat well, be well!




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