The Wonderful World of Tempeh

In an attempt to expand my vegan protein repertoire (I am a tofu lover but wanted to switch things up), I recently bought some tempeh for the first time.  Tempeh, which is made of fermented soy beans, has a lot of health benefits.  I realize that it’s super weird for someone who has been vegan for five years to have  never made tempeh herself before. But tempeh is intimidating! First off, it looks pretty strange and lumpy and colorless in the package. Secondly, I had no idea how to cook  it. To help out like-minded tempeh-curious people, I will try to answer the eternal question: what to do with tempeh?

1.  Grill it on skewers with yummy vegetables like sweet peppers and mushrooms  (Find the recipe here:

2. Stir-Fry it  (with broccoli! Or other vegetables, and serve with rice) (Recipe:

3. Bake it (

4. Barbecue it  (

5. Sandwich it  (Make a TLT sandwich!

6. Wrap it  (Tempeh fajitas!

… and so much more! And it’s pretty quick and easy! There are a plethora of great tempeh recipes on the internet at your fingertips!

Pretty tempeh-ting, huh?!

Lots of love, RB


One thought on “The Wonderful World of Tempeh

  1. Tempeh is also fantastic because it’s fermented. That means it is literally putting life into your body! And it’s easier for your body to digest. Win-win.

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