seeing green

this has been an extremely eventful, momentous week.

first, i learned what my cervix looks like. 

then, today, i did something i didn’t think i could do: i entered the barnard greenhouse.

you can see barnard’s greenhouse from the main walkway between barnard hall and milbank — it’s on the very top of milbank, right in the center. all the plants make it look green from afar.

and let me tell you, it looks pretty green up close, too.



it is beautiful in there! it’s open to visitors wednesdays from 1-3 p.m… all you have to do is go to the fourth floor of milbank, take a right at the top of the stairs, and you’ll see a door with a buzzer next to it and a sign that says when the greenhouse is open. ring the buzzer, and nick, the greenhouse’s manager, will come down and let you up. there are a couple of different rooms, including the tropical/sub-tropical one (above) and an arid climate room, which is full of cacti and succulents. it’s quiet up there, too. definitely worth the trip!




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