This is What Your Cervix Looks Like…

Everybody, touch your nose. That’s what your cervix feels like. Wanna see what it looks like? CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUSLY ENLIGHTENING PHOTOS of a woman’s cervix at 10 p.m. everyday of her 31 day cycle. Here’s a list of our reactions and revelations.


-the speculum distorts the photo/perspective.

-the opening of the cervix kind of looks like the head of a penis

-babies come out of that… what.

-it moves a lot

-our bodies are so interesting

-the penis is a hyper visible and frequently represented image in society and life, and we’ve gone 22 years EACH without ever knowing what our cervixes looked like.

-we no longer fear losing tampons and/or diva cups up there, there’s nowhere to go.


This is FASCINATING. Everything makes so much more sense now. The mysteries have been solved. 

Cervix Love,

Maddy and Nicole


One thought on “This is What Your Cervix Looks Like…

  1. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sold on this at all until I read some of the comments. Which are so emotional, and so moving. Just, wow. Thank you.

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