Daily Journaling Update

In my last post, I wrote about keeping a record of little things I enjoyed about my day, every day. So far, I have been keeping true, as in everyday has a record of something although I often write these days later.

As far as I have found, my days have been feeling longer (in a good way). I don’t feel like my weeks/days/months are blurring into each other, and that I have found myself appreciating the smaller things that have happened.

For example, the other day I woke up early and trudged uptown to work in my lab for my thesis. While exiting the subway I saw a woman call after another woman to give her the $5 she had dropped. The woman was very thankful and said “that has made my day so much better.” Even though I was not the recipient of the kind deed, I felt myself cheer up on that early morning. I went through my routine of working in the lab, and even though I had done the same thing for months, I didn’t approach it with my usual morning “why am I up so early.” I came back home to my suite, finding it empty, and instead of the usual “why is no one ever home?” response, I decided to have a dance party by myself to a song that had been stuck in my head a few days earlier. I don’t think I would have had such a positive disposition that day if I hadn’t noted down that act of kindness from earlier in the day.

Overall, I think that this daily journal thing is having a greater (and better) effect for me than I originally thought it would.

Would love to hear if anyone else has been trying out a new “me-time” activity that has been better than expected!

All the best,


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