Hallo-Well: Responsible Costuming

In my view, being well means not only taking care of and respecting yourself, but also means acting in ways that help make everyone else in our community feel safe and respected. That’s why I wanted to post a quick reminder this Halloween: racist costumes are just not okay, ever. If you think your costume may be offensive, just don’t do it.

I’m sure for most people reading the blog, this was already super obvious. Unfortunately, you might run into (on Facebook or elsewhere) people who forgot this important Halloween tip and who might be confused about why wearing Black-face is always awful or why dressing up as a stereotype doesn’t actually “honor other cultures.” There are a bunch of great resources you can read to educate yourself or share to educate friends, such as this round-up of links about working toward an anti-racist Halloween. Another link that comes from Adrienne K. at the blog Native Appropriations does an excellent job breaking down just how and why dressing up as a Native American for Halloween is so offensive, including an explanation of how these kind of costumes reinforce systems of oppression that are still very real and very destructive.

Respect our community this Halloween by not wearing these kinds of costumes and by holding your friends and family accountable if you see them wearing something offensive. All that said, I hope you have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!


Free Jewelry Making!

There will be free jewelry making at the Student Life Halloween Event this Thursday, 10/31 (AKA HALLOWEEN, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER) from noon -3 PM in  302 Diana! 

I love making jewelry, both to destress and to make gifts for loved ones! There will be another jewelry session on Thursday, November 14, from 6:30 to 9:00 in 203 Diana. I hope to see you all there!

Happy (almost) Halloween!!!!!


soon-to-be Kim Possible (or a pirate)

cold weather & creamy tomato soup

this is the first week that it’s really been cold! finally, six days short of november, wool coats and hats no longer feel like wishful thinking. i couldn’t be more excited — so i celebrated by engaging in one of my traditional autumn activities: despite my fervent bundling up and hand-washing, i got a cold.

when i am sick, there are very few things i want to do except lay in bed with a book of poems and eat soup. the last thing i want to do is leave my house. this means that in order to make soup, i’ve got to make do with what i already have stockpiled in my pantry (aka three rubbermaid containers stacked on top of each other).

…which is how this soup came to be. i didn’t have any canned tomatoes lying around, but i did have some tomato paste and some milk and an onion. and then, fifteen minutes later, i had dinner.


eat well, be well!



HalloGREEN is TONIGHT from 7-9 PM!

Pumpkins. Pumpkin themed desserts. Pumpkin decorating supplies (we’ve got glitter glue with your name on it). This is the magic of HalloGREEN! Join the Eco Reps and the Well-Woman Peer Eds for a super fun, super crafty pumpkin-palooza from 7-9 PM in the Well-Woman office. Check out the facebook event and make sure to stop by!

Amazing ad courtesy of Maddy

Amazing ad courtesy of Maddy

Yay fun free things!

Hello, Well-People!

Midterms got ya down? Looking for a super cool fun great way to let loose? Wanting to take advantage of this wonderful city we’re in without spending all of your sacred delivery money? Check out the BROOKLYN NIGHT BAZAAR, starting this weekend! There will be music! Art! Food! Vendors! Fun times to be had for all!

To find out more, check it out here: http://bkbazaar.com/

Also, one of Well-Woman’s favorite feminist magazines, Bust, is listed under the “press” section, which I can only assume means that the vendors will be similar to those found at the Bust Craftacular(s), which, if you have never been to one, you should, and you can check out here: http://www.bust.com/craftacular/craftacular-home.html

IUDs 101

Trigger Warning: Proceed with caution if discussion of menstruation or anything you might encounter in a gynecologist’s office is a sensitive subject for you. Also, beware mild profanity contained within the linked article if that’s a concern.

IUDs (intrauterine devices) are often misunderstood, but can be great contraceptive options and are worth knowing about even if it’s not the right choice for you. I am a big fan of IUDs, mainly because they last 5-10 years (depending on the model) with very little maintenance required as compared to a daily pill, as well as the reduction in menstruation that some people experience. Imagine my delight when I was sent this delightfully sassy article about IUDs covering the basics, the insertion process, myth busting, and more.

If you’re wondering whether an IUD could be the right choice for your birth control or other health needs, chatting with our coordinator Jessica or a Peer Ed or making an appointment at Primary Care can help you explore your options. We also have many books about contraception in our office, including the multitude of other options available if the IUD is not on your wishlist.

7 Underwear Facts that might Surprise You


7 underwear facts that might surprise you, from Shape magazine. It’s got some great advice on healthy underwear options for active folks (or if you just want more tips on avoiding UTIs, yeast infections, and friction). 

The link for the next slide is a little confusing. It’s on the middle of the page above the inset picture. 

Happy exploring!