Flu Shot Fair Tomorrow!

The beginning of flu season used to be a tricky time for me. I would catch sight of the first telltale pink nose and the sound of a croaky voice complaining of body aches, and turn into a different person. Suddenly, I would begin to glance suspiciously at the student who coughed behind me in class out of the corner of my eye (allergies? or streptococcus?!), start carrying around hand sanitizer and offering it all too enthusiastically to other people, and wipe down my phone and laptop keyboard with disinfecting wipes that I would have stored in my closet for this very season.  Yes, I used to be a different person then…but now I get a flu shot annually. I would personally recommend it for the physical (and if you’re like me, mental) health benefits it confers, and there’s no easier time to get one than tomorrow, Tuesday, October 1st, from 3-6 PM in the Diana Event Oval. The shot is free if you have the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan, and it costs $15 with other insurance plans (you may claim the shot to your insurance and have them reimburse you) payable by check or debit/credit card. You should bring your insurance card to the fair and will have to wait for 15 minutes after you receive the flu shot (during which you can eat our snacks and pick out an “I got my flu shot” sticker!). If you cannot make it to the flu fair, you can schedule an appointment with Primary Care anytime or visit during walk-in hours from 9am-11:30am Monday through Thursday and 9am-4pm  on Friday.

And here is a poem about one of the most common flu shot myths:

Myth Dispelled
by Adam Possner

The flu vaccine cannot
give you the flu, I tell him.
It’s dead virus, there’s
nothing alive about it.
It can’t make you sick.
That’s a myth.
But if we bury it in
the grassy knoll
of your shoulder,
an inch under the stratum
corneum, as sanctioned by
your signature
in a white-coated ceremony
presided over by
my medical assistant
and then mark the grave
with a temporary
non-stick headstone,
the trivalent spirit
of that vaccine
has a 70 to 90 percent
chance of warding off
the Evil One,
and that’s the God’s
honest truth.
“Myth Dispelled” by Adam Possner, MD /JAMA. December 5,2012 Vol. 308 (21):2178. “Copyright © 2012 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Flu Shot Fair Tomorrow!

  1. I’m usually afraid of needles, but the nurses at Primary Care are so great they gave me the shot before I had time to flinch. It’s so important and not as scary as it seems!

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