Happy Habits

You may have already seen this article about happiness that’s been making the rounds on social media. Some tips may not feel accessible to everyone (such as “spending money on other people”), but most tips are free and seem pretty mood-boosting.

I’ll confess that I found the list a little stressful in its length and its implication that these are somehow the only keys to happiness, so please don’t feel pressure to adopt any or all of these habits, especially all at once! At Well-Woman, we emphasize making positive changes one manageable step at a time rather than setting unreasonable expectations about changing ALL habits immediately and forever.

For example, say you wanted to spend more time in nature. Rather than committing to an hour-long walk in the park every day for the rest of the year, you will likely find it easier to build and maintain the habit by starting small: one 15-minute visit (even just sitting on a bench and relaxing!) to the park, one day a week, for a trial period of just that week. If you meet that goal, awesome — you could keep on with that goal for another week, and maybe the next week try increasing your goal to twice a week park visits. If you don’t like spending time in the park or find it stressful to meet that goal in the trial period, you can change your plan and try out another wellness practice without feeling bad.

Instead of setting too-high expectations and feeling stressed about not meeting them, incrementally building wellness habits (along with forgiving yourself if you don’t enjoy or can’t maintain the practice you try out) helps you learn what does or doesn’t make you feel more well in a gentle, low-stress way.


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