Sippin’ My Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

If you’re crazy like me, you’re probably off the meal plan and living on your own with little knowledge of how the kitchen works. It’s been way too hard finding new ways to spice up fruits and vegetables and way too easy to forget about getting the right amount. I always default to oranges, grapes and sometimes strawberries because they’re easy to eat and bring around between classes.

That was until I started playing with the blender.


Making smoothies are so much fun. I have been mixing different combinations of fruits, adding in different juices or honey and bottling them for the next couple of days. It wasn’t until I decided to blog about making smoothes did I think about looking up recipes and that is how I came across this lovely website.

Green Kitchen Stories


Kale, Apple, and Lemon Juice


Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi


Beetroot Juice

On top of really great smoothies, they have recipes for REAL food too! (admittingly, that’s a path I don’t quite feel ready to take yet).

Indulge, stay healthy, be well.

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