The Monday Message Challenge is Back!

As some of our readers may know, Well-Woman sends out an email message every Monday with one or more tips to help our community lead healthier lifestyles. A few years ago, a Well-Woman alum called Elisa (see Elisa’s posts here) took on the challenge of doing – and blogging about – all of these tips. I’ve decided to bring this challenge back, and in the process, I hope to accomplish (at least) two things: spread our Monday health tips to an even wider audience, and improve my own health and wellbeing! I’m excited, and I hope you are, too.

I’m not perfect (none of us are), so I don’t have any illusions about actually doing one tip per week AND blogging about it every single time for a whole year. But in the interest of dreaming big and crossing things off my Barnard Bucket List before I graduate in May, I WILL be making this my goal! Don’t be too harsh on me if I fail, but do expect regular updates on my progress, both good and bad. For clarity’s sake, here are the guidelines I hope to follow:

1) Try at least one of the health tips from each week’s Monday Message.

2) Write a blog post sometime that week about my experience with the tip: did I enjoy it, would I recommend it, do I feel better after, etc.

3) Have fun!

I won’t be starting the challenge this week, because yesterday’s Monday Message was primarily to spread the word about the Furman Counseling Centre’s amazing support groups. While these groups are an awesome resource for our students, it would be uncool of me to join a support group with the intention of blogging about it, so I’ll start the challenge next week! In the meantime, general information about Furman’s groups can be found here.

Have a wonderful and healthy week!


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