The Hatmaker’s Wife – A super fun, cheap (!!) way to enjoy your evening


I can already smell the stress in the air as I walk around Barnard’s campus. Thousands of pages to read for the class that’s in 10 minutes, problem sets to complete, books that still need to be purchased, time to be set aside to possibly take a shower and eat?! All of these things to do are already bombarding and overwhelming us all. However, thankfully I have a brief cure!

The Hatmaker’s Wife, a witty, funny, charming off-broadway show, is the perfect way to de-stress and create time for yourself! 

“In Lauren Yee’s whimsical and poignant new play The Hatmaker’s Wife , a young woman moves in with her boyfriend expecting domestic bliss, but instead has trouble getting comfortable. Her strange new home seems determined to help out – and soon the walls are talking. They reveal the magical tale of an old hat-maker and his long-suffering wife, who runs away with his favorite hat. This sweet and surreal story bends time and space to redefine the idea of family, home, and true love itself.”

It is truly a wonderful show that I enjoyed very much! It plays every night at 7:30 pm at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater (416 W. 42nd St. between 9th and 10th ave.), and it is only a 90 minute show without intermission. That means you can be back by 9:30 pm (taking into consideration the unpredictable subway ride and a quick stop at Sephora, of course.) in time to get some reading or other work done!

So, go do it and do it quick because it’s only playing until September 21st!

P.S. It’s only $10 for students! What’s better than that?!



Lauren Bonilla





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