More incoming Harvard students have cheated than have had sex!

Food for thought (in contrast with Caro.’s granola recipe, especially in light of Harvard’s cheating scandal last year.

“More Incoming Harvard Students Have Cheated On Their Homework Than Had Sex”

There was also a minor cheating scandal in a Columbia/Barnard literature class last spring, which was handled internally and quietly. I know sometimes there is a lot of pressure to be perfect academically, especially when there’s that student in your class who asks such an intense, cerebral question that it leaves your head spinning. But cheating is never the easy way out of the situation. If you ever feel that temptation, it might be time to look at your time and stress management habits.  And if you ever want to re-evaluate your habits, Well-Woman is there to work with you and provide tips for balancing the craziness that is life at this school. But please keep in mind that you are so much more than your academic performance, and cheating will not solve any of the underlying issues that have caused you to compromise your integrity in the first place.

Plus sex is a great de-stresser so maybe a little more of it might have served to benefit the incoming class’s academic integrity : )


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