magic granola

Why magic, you ask? Let me tell you: This granola capable of making you feel that everything is right with the world. This is no small feat, but it’s true. 


1. It gives you something other than banana bread to make with all those overripe bananas you squirreled away from the dining hall.
2. You get the opportunity to “stress bake” — that is, focus on the happy task that is cooking instead of worrying about readings, internships, your senior thesis, or anything else that’s making you nervous. Relax! When you cook, you not only get to do something creative (and tasty), but you also are taking care of yourself: you’re using good, whole ingredients and eating well.
3. Kinda-sorta aromatherapy.
4. This granola is CLUMPY! And who doesn’t love clumpy granola?
5. You get an extremely delicious breakfast or study snack that’s filling and easily portable!

Eat well, be well!



P.S. Our regular Well-Woman office hours have begun! Stop by the office (119 Reid) from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday to talk to a peer ed, sit on our comfy comfy couch, enjoy some tea, or peruse our library.


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