Starting A Journal

As I start out on my senior year here at Barnard, I have noticed that when  my friends and I will reminisce about the past three years… and I seem to have huge blocks of time in my memory where I don’t remember anything spectacular happening. But, surely, something happened! I mean, I know I spent a lot of my days just going through my daily routine, but there were definitely fun little conversations with friends I wish I could put some sort of date on, and some small adventures within my schedule of busy-hood.

As a result, I have decided to start taking up writing a journal, but my kind of journal. I am not a person who writes often or for funsies… I’m more of a talker, and get more out of conversation with someone than with a piece of paper (that’s just my style though). The journal I’m thinking of taking up is going to be something more along the idea of writing 4 or 5 sentences about what I liked/want to remember/noticed about my day that isn’t class notes. My roommate has been doing a similar thing since first year, and I have been meaning to pick up a similar habit for 3 years.

So whether you are a first year, a senior, or anything in between, and were thinking about starting a journal or any kind of new “me time” activity, I say go for it! You won’t be the only one.

Wishing All a great first full week of classes!


Mary Margaret


One thought on “Starting A Journal

  1. Great idea! I’ve done this on and off for years, and have really loved it. I’ve also seen studies that doing something like this before bed–reflecting back on positive things from the day–can lead to better sleep. Just another possible bonus!

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