Third Root Community Health Center

I just heard about Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn from one of the recently graduated Peer Eds and figured readers here might be interested. Check out this cooperatively owned center’s inspiring intention:

At Third Root Community Health Center, social justice is at the core of healing. Among our goals are to challenge systematic health disparities, hierarchies within different modalities of healthcare, and to provide a different model of care that grows out of love. We work to provide holistic healthcare for everyone, in acknowledgement of the living realities and histories of the many communities that our clients and students come from.


Radical Doula site

Just wanted to share a cool website I found during my procrastination spree: Radical Doula. I don’t know much about what being a doula, let alone a radical one, is all about, so here’s a word from the curator for others who might be curious:

“To me, being a Radical Doula is committing to the hard work of facing issues of racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia head-on in our work with pregnant and parenting people. It means understanding birth as just one instance in a wide spectrum of pregnancy-related experiences that include abortion, miscarriage and adoption, and understanding why doula support across that spectrum makes sense. It’s about providing non-judgmental and unconditional support to pregnant and parenting people, ultimately in service of social justice.”-

Breathing exercise

Here’s a neat breathing meditation/exercise I read about somewhere (sorry for this improper citation…). If you find out you really can’t stand breathing exercises, it’s perfectly okay for these to not be your cup of tea!

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, closing your eyes if you would like. Focus on your breath without trying to alter it (this can be really hard to manage, so don’t worry too much and just keep breathing one way or another). Count from one to five on only your exhales — that is, breathe in, breathe out and count one, breathe in, breathe out and count two, etc. It’s easy to lose track and go up higher, but if you go to six or ten or thirty just gently pull your attention back to your breath and start counting the exhales again.

I find this helpful to even do for a few minutes as a break while writing papers as a break from the screen and to help regain my focus. If you like this tip, stop by the office to read about the many forms of meditation out there or grab a sheet about more mini-relaxation exercises!


Got milk? We do! Well-Woman’s annual Milk Tasting Party will take place from 3-5 PM today in the Well-Woman office, 119 Reid. There will be a variety of milks, including many non-dairy and kosher options, plus a ton of delicious cookies to complement your milk of choice. Stop on by for a fun study break on this rainy day!

Last week for the Barnard Pool!

As y’all may have heard by now, the Barnard pool is closing — for good, sadly. It’s still open one last week, though, so come take a dip (it’s warm and much shallower than Uris Pool!). Swimming is my favorite form of exercise, but I also like just floating around on the water. No one will judge you if you grab a pool noodle and just hang out for a nice, soothing break in a quiet place. This is also reading week, so here’s my message to you from another water-lover, the adorable Calming Manatee: