Nails and Tea + other Staying Present Week events

Tomorrow, Weds 4/24, from 12-2 PM in the Well-Woman office: join Well-Woman Peer Eds for a relaxing afternoon with tea and treat yourself to a manicure with fun nail polish colors (provided by Furman Counseling Center). We have some real nail art experts, so get ready for a fun time. This event is part of Furman’s Stay Present week — check out more events after the jump!

Wednesday 4/24/13 
12pm-2pm: Nails & Tea.
Location: Well-Woman Office, 119 Reid Hall (first floor of the Quad)
6:30pm-7:30pm: Anti-Anxiety Workshop. Anxiety expert Stacey Klein, LCSW comes to Barnard. Are
you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Does it feel like you’re always ruminating about the past or
worrying about the future? This workshop will help you better understand your own anxiety and teach you
innovative and effective tools (drawn from evidence based, somatic and relational approaches) to reduce
anxious thoughts and feelings.
Location: Ella Weed Room (223 Milbank, 2nd floor of Milbank Hall)
Thursday, 4/25/13 
6:30pm-7:30pm: TED Talk Screening: Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success
followed by discussion. Can reframing success and taking control of our tendency towards social
comparisons alleviate anxiety? FREE pizza will be served.
Location: Furman Conference Room, 100 Hewitt Hall
Friday, 4/26/13 
10am-3pm: Drop-In Day at Furman. If you are feeling anxious or
stressed, come meet with a Furman counselor. No appointment needed!
Location: Furman Counseling Center, 100 Hewitt Hall

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