Growing Aloe in your Dorm


This week I want to share a little hobby of mine: growing stuff!

Earlier this year, I took in the rather sad and desiccated aloe vera plant of a fellow Well Woman. We named it Denis, and it lives by my window in 620, overlooking Claremont and New Jersey. All I do is water it a little bit every day, and it has kept growing all winter. It even started a little offshoot!

This is the kind of stuff that keeps you down to earth while your schoolwork piles sky-high. If you have a few spare bucks (5-10 usually), I recommend you go get yourself a friend like Denis. Aloe is a particularly great plant because not only is it cool and pretty-looking, it’s actually medicinal. You can snip a bit off one of the ends of the plant and use the goo that comes out to treat burns, razor nicks, even acne. And don’t worry–aloe plants can heal themselves too, and if you make a clean cut it will heal almost immediately.

But even if you, like so many of us, don’t actually have those dollars, there are plants all around that can use your love. Keep your eyes peeled for potted plants around campus, there are a bunch and they could definitely use a tribute from your water bottle.


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